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Tips to Make Use of Pokemon Go Halloween Event

As we know that Niantic's Halloween event did a lot help to make players back, and the event is live. During the event, players can catch more pokemon, walk with their buddies, the candy they earn is more than before. So before its ending, here are tips to help you take advantage of the event.


This event is the best time to do more with "Pokemon Go" by catching rare Pokemon and earning more candies. According to BGR website, collecting 10 candies with Pikachu would only require you to walk 2.5 kilometers this Halloween instead of 10 kilometers. So this is a great opportunity to unlock the Pikachu Buddy easter egg.


Winning Gold Medals during the "Pokemon Go" Halloween event would also give the players 1.3x permanent catch bonuses, according to Game Press. Ghost, Psychic, Ground, Flying, Poison and Normal types have an increased spawning rates, and if you catch 200 of any of these types, you will receive a Gold Medal. The spooky creatures that are spawning everywhere include Gastly, Drowzee, Cubone, Zubat, Gengar and Meowth.


And also, it is recommanded to focus on rare pokemon like Dratini, Exeggcute, Jigglypuff and Growlithe. Their evolved forms are some of the strongest Pokemon in the game at the moment.  Also use Snorlax as your Buddy this season to make it competitive because they are not easy to find and it's also hard to get their candy. Grimer is another rare Pokemon that the player should use as a Buddy because they have no nests.


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