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Pokewhere App is Back in Pokemon Go

Niantic previously shut down all of the aforementioned applications, making it difficult for Pokemon GO players to hunt down or acquire creatures. But it seems the studio has listened to the community, giving them their hearts' desire. PokeWhere, in particular, is made available for both iOS and Android. It was became a huge thing following the release of the hit augmented reality game.


Pokewhere App is live radar for Pokemon Go, which will show you the current real location of Pokemon around you in real-time on a map. It’s that simple! PokeWhere is a live radar to assist your hunting.


According to Otakukart, the aforementioned Pokemon GO app is has now officially returned. It was already rumored to be a possibility, but it was only recently that everything fell into places. In the official Twitter account of PokeWhere, the admins announced the good news, and that this wouldn't be a reality if not for the help of "Waryas and Elfin."


"PokeWhere is back (no scan temporarily, only cache). This all wouldn't have been possible without the amazing efforts of Waryas and Elfin."


Of course, this app is not the only app that returned to Niantic's Pokemon Go. the highly utilized FastPokeMap has also revealed its return.


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