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Pokemon Go Tips to Get Free Pokecoins

Poke Coins are the game's main currency and lets you buy more incubators to help you hatch multiple eggs, get more lure modules, potions, storage space, incense and more. So here are tips introduced to you to get free Pokecoins. 


1. Free My App


Players can get free unlimited Pokecoins in Pokemon Go by using reward applications like FreeMyApps. These applications give free gifts certificates to the App Store or Google Play, which players can use to buy paid applications or microtransactions within any game. All they have to do is try the applications they are currently featuring. Install the applications and leave them open for about 30 seconds; this can give players free points which they will be able to redeem for Poke Coins in Pokemon Go. This method is considered legal and won't give Pokemon Go players any issues within the game.


2. Using the friendly gym from your team


Once you have reached level 5 in PokemonGO, you can start using the friendly gyms from your team around you. Not only can you practice and challenge fellow teammates, you can also use your Pokemonto guard the gym and get free Pokecoins in return. By protecting the friendly gym, you can raise the prestige level to get free Pokecoins, but you will have to leave your Pokemonthere. The higher the level of your friendly gym, the same number of Pokemonyou can leave there to earn even more Pokecoins.


3. Take down an enemy gym

By taking down a gym that belongs to your rival team, you can then defend that gym against future attacks to earn Pokecoins. If you choose to defeat and secure an enemy gym for some sweet Pokecoins, start off with the easy ones. A gym with low prestige level will always be easier to take over and have fewer Pokemonfor you to fight and defeat.


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