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List Of Hatch Rate in 10 KM Pokemon Go Egg

Although the fever of playing Pokemon Go game has been debased, there are still people playing and catching pokemon. Then in this page, let's check the hatch rate in 10 km pokemon egg.


A list of hatch rate (from the lower to the higher).


Onix: this rock-type Pokemon GO creature is famous for being a formidable Pokemon. Any trainer who owns it surely has a higher chance of winning gym battles. Onix can be acquired through a 10 km egg with a hatch rate of 7%.


Jynx: is among those Pokemon GO creatures that tend to have a low spawning rate. And sure enough, its hatching rate isn't that high as well. Players have a 7.2% of percent of getting it from the aforementioned hatching process.


Electabuzz: who wouldn't want to own an Electabuzz in Pokemon GO, right? As its name suggests, this Pokemon comes with an electrifying power. Hatching it using a 10 km egg will give a percentage of 7.4%.


Pinsir: in Pokemon GO, Pinsir is considered as one of the wild ones out there. The chances of acquiring it through hunting is not that high. Nevertheless, for players who're set to hatch a 10 km egg, Pinsir's percentage is at 7.6%


Magmar: second on this Pokemon GO list is no other than the titular Magmar. It's believed to possess around 8.8% egg hatch rate. Note that this Pokemon here is a lethal one when it comes to gym battles and such. This creature is worth the hatching effort.


Eevee: there's no doubt that Eevee is among the popular monsters in Pokemon GO. For any players looking to acquire it via egg hatching, know that its hatch rate is around 17.7%.


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