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What You should Know about Achievement Badges in Pokemon Go

Achievement badges are awarded to you when you reach certain milestones in the game. In this page, what you need to know about the badges will be explained, including the requirements and what the badges mean. 


Before the updates, the badges were used to track how you were doing, now when you complete a badges for catching certain types of Pokemon you get a catch bonus, which can help you snag rare Pokemon. All achievement badges have various levels. The higher the level, the better the catch bonus. Bronze gives you a +1 catch bonus, silver gives you a +2 bonus, +3 bonus from gold. To go up levels, you must catch more Pokemon of the same type: 10 Pokemon will get you bronze level, 50 Pokemon gets you silver, 200 gets you gold. But how to know where you're at in your achievement level? The icon will help you. For example, if the icon is surrounded with a silver circle, that means you have gotten your silver achievement level, but haven't reached your gold yet.


So what do the achievement badges mean in Pokemon Go? Some of the badge meanings are pretty obvious, while others are not. Meanings of badges will be explained here. The following are badges help you earn catch bonus:


Schoolkid: This is an easy award to achieve bronze. All you need to do is catch 10 normal-type Pokemon. This is another time catching all of those Rattatas pays off. Some normal Pokemon include Rattata, Tauros, Eevee, Snorlax, Meowth and Porygon.

Bird Keeper: If Pidgeys are the bane of your Pokemon Go existence, take heart. Each Pidgey capture counts toward this badge. You'll need Pidgeys, or any flying-type Pokemon, to get bronze.

Punk Girl: You get this by catching poison-type Pokemon. While some say that these can be found around bogs, wetlands, lakes and moors, I've found that they appear randomly.

Bug Catcher: This is the one time in life when you need more bugs. You get this when you capture bug-type Pokemon. Grassy areas such as parks, playgrounds and farms are good places to look for bug types.

Swimmer: Catch water types and you'll get this award. Some of the best places to find water types are by ponds, lakes, beaches and fountains.

Gardener: Grass-type Pokemon are found typically in rural areas. You'll need 10 grass types to get bronze. Look for them in rural areas, forests and parks. They've also been found in parking lots.

Ruin Maniac: This award is given to you when you get ground-type Pokemon. Finding these Pokemon is simple, they're pretty much everywhere the ground is found.

Kindler: Nabbing fire-type Pokemon will get you this badge. While no one is sure about the best places to find fire types, some say to try by gas stations, fire departments and residential areas.

Rocker: Nope, this one isn't for rock types. You need electric-types to get this badge. Dry, concrete covered areas are the best places to look for this type.

Psychic: Psychic-types are needed to get this award. You'll find the bulk of these around hospitals, but you may also find them in parks or in grassy areas.

Black Belt: Got fighting-type Pokemon? This badge counts how many you've gotten and awards you when you reach 10. These types are said to be found around stadiums, arenas and real-life gyms.

Hiker: Rock types get you bronze with this badge.

Hex Maniac: Catch ghost type Pokemon and you'll get this badge. Ghost types come out at night, so plan a nighttime Pokehunt with your friends.

Depot Agent: Steel type Pokemon are needed to get bronze with this badge.

Skier: You'll need to catch ice type Pokemon for this badge. This award is much easier to get if you live near cold parts of the world. You can also find them in grassy areas, though, if you're in a warmer area.

Dragon Tamer: If you're lucky enough to find 10 dragon type Pokemon you'll get bronze with this badge.

Fairy Tale Girl: Catch fairy type Pokemon to get this award. You can find this type at town landmarks.


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