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Pokemon Go: How to Increase Chance of Finding 10 KM Eggs

Players can catch rare Pokemon, but also they can get rare pokemon through 10 KM eggs. Here are ways to help you increase the chance of rare Pokemon. 


Pokemon you get from these eggs are based on chances and those few rare Pokemon which we have been talking about, have very little chances of hatching from these eggs. Coming across these 10 KM eggs in Pokemon Go are very rare on their own as not all Pokestops give players 10 KM eggs. These eggs are the rarest of all the types available in the game. And since you can't discard eggs, it gets even harder as you have to hatch the previous eggs first, in order to make space for future eggs.


First, for trainers, they have to walk at least 10 kilometers which is quite a lot for someone in this day and age to to crack open these eggs. 


Then hatching all the eggs together. In Pokemon Go, the maximum number of eggs, one trainer can have at a time is 10 and since you can purchase additional incubators, you can hatch all of those eggs at the same time. You put the 10 KM egg in an incubator and start walking. When you have reached the 5 KM mark on the 10 KM egg, you put all four of the 5 KM eggs, for incubation. Now when 2 KM is left in all of your eggs, you add in the remaining of your eggs (you five 2KM eggs) in their designated incubators. 


Last way is to find the "Lucky" Pokéstop. These Pokestops give the players a guaranteed 10 Km, if they have an empty Egg slot that is. However, keep in mind this is based on speculation and is not confirmed by the developers. It is suggested that you should keep a track of all the Pokestops which have given you a 10 KM egg.


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