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Pokemon Go Calculator to Know Catch Chance

It's kind of frustrated for players that they don't know the odds of catching rare Pokemon. Now Pokemon Go Hub has developed a calculator that will help players figure out what their chances are when they attempt to catch any given Pokemon.


Somehow, Pokemon Go Hub was able to bind all those things into a calculator. This gives "Pokemon Go" players an overview of whether they have good chances at capturing the pocket monster.


The calculator is based on the "Grand Unified Catch Theory" (GUCT), which is a surprisingly complicated formula that takes into account the type of Poke Ball used, the Pokemon's species, the throw bonus and more. This formula will take a look at the type of Poke Ball gamers use the Pokemon's species type and throw bonus, among other details. 


The GUCT is the same formula used in the catch chance calculator, which enables gamers to know how likely they are to catch Pokemon in a particular time and place in "Pokemon Go." 


All "Pokemon Go" gamers have to do is to select a particular Pokemon from the drop-down list, indicate his or her trainer level and select medal bonuses. Gamers also have to indicate whether they used a curveball or Razzberry. The "Pokemon Go" catch chance calculator will automatically compute the gamer's chances to catch the Pokemon indicated. 


According to Pokemon Go Hub, "this is the first Catch chance calculator that uses the correct formulas and probability."Although its utility is relatively limited, it might do help in some degree.


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