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Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks to Get More Pokeballs

Pokeballs are important as you need them to catch pokemon.  And there are three kinds of pokeballs. In order to help you get more pokeballs, here are tips and tricks introduced to you. 


First, you should unlock pokeballs to start the game. You'll unlock Great Balls at level 12, Ultra Balls unlock at level 20. And Master Balls will be available starting at level 30. They unlock automatically as soon as you reach the proper level as you can maximizing your XP to level faster.


Then, here we check the tips and tricks to get more pokeballs:


1. In most cities, areas such as parks tend to have a lot more Pokestops that are closer together than average. Check these kinds of landmarks if you're criminally low on items. These havens can help boost your inventory quickly. Popular parks will also have people there that also may be tossing up Lures that you can play on as well.


2. Make sure you use the correct balls for the correct situations. Pokeballs are only so effective against Pokemon of a certain CP level. If you're going up against something with over 1000CP, grab the Razz Berries and Ultra Balls. Similarly, don't waste Ultra Balls on extremely low CP Pokemon.


3. Master Balls are a rare and wonderful resource. Save them for the toughest, rarest, and most desirable Pokemon!


4. You can buy Pokeballs from the in-game store using Pokecoins. You'll get 20 Pokeballs for 100 coins, 100 balls for 460 coins, and 200 balls for 800 coins. You can buy and take down gyms to get pokecoins


Although the fever of Pokemon Go has been debating, there are still some people playing Pokemon Go. So I hope you can enjoy and above mentioned tips are just references for you.