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Players' Favorite Pokemon Go Hack is Coming back

Before fans of Pokemon Go started creating map trackers, thus the developer had shut down a majority of these trackers. Now "Pokemon Go" players can rejoice, as the most favorite tracking app could assist them in monster-hunting adventure.


FastPokeMap was used to be players' favorite tracker until Niantic banned the app. FastPokeMap is a tracker or radar designed for "Pokemon Go" gameplay. It can help players track pocket monsters all over the world. The hacking tool has been used by millions of Pokemon-obsessed and dubbed as the best online tracker after PokeVision. Ever since Niantic issued the banning, there has been a decline in the numbers of people playing the AR game, Bloomberg reported. Third-party apps and bots that's been shut down seem to make playing less enjoyable for some of them. The restriction disables the cheats to be updated or modified.


FastPokeMap claims to scan over 150,000 of monsters with 30,000 per minute in average. There are quite a few "Pokemon Go" maps that work but not all of them scan as accurate as FastPokeMap or PokeVision.


Now this time, the person behind "Pokemon Go's" third-party map tracker FastPokeMap has unleashed a series of tweets confirming that reverse-engineering API was successful, and FastPokeMap will come back to life next week or over the weekend. The developer took to Twitter to spread the news. Without giving an estimated date, the team said that they will bring the tool back online. It is expected to go live once again on Friday or Saturday.


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