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Pokemon Go Latest Update Limit Your Playing in Driving

Since Pokemon Go game has been released, we always see the news about the car accidents. Even if the game is not on the top charts, there are still players plaing Pokemon Go game. But latest update from Niantic maybe one controversial move to players, that when they traveled by car, they no longer saw new Pokemon on the game's map.


In August, the Pokemon  Go creators tried discouraging users from playing the game with an update that prompted them to indicate whether they were a passenger or a driver. When the game detected that the player was in a moving vehicle, a pop-up message appeared on the screen. A dishonest driver or the passenger had to just tap on the "I'm a passenger" button to continue playing.


As expected, the update did not make much of a change, so Niantic is having another go at it. Now, as per this latest update, Pokemon will stop appearing in the player's area if the game detects that they are in a vehicle traveling at more than 30 mph. This means that not only can the driver not play, but neither can the passenger.


The same goes for Uber, taxi, bus and train passengers as well, notes Digital Trends. This also means players addicted to the game will have to travel at 29 mph or lower everywhere they go.


Reddit user jumpingrobot1984 said that he was able to see sightings again at 30+ mph, but there were other players who aren't as lucky as him. The spawn removal still remains a mystery, because Niantic hasn't confirmed yet if it's just a glitch or an intentional move. Unfortunately, until it will be fixed, or if this will ever happen, players will have to walk by foot to catch Pokemon.


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