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Pokemon Go Update 0.45 and Potential Issues

Now Pokemon Go's latest update, 0.45.0 for Android and 1.15.0 for iOS is out, bringing changes like conquering gyms just got easier, brings daily and weekly bonuses and also some bad news. You can read the details below.


Below are the newest feature on the updated version of Pokemon Go:


  • Bonuses will be rewarded for anyone's first Pokemon catch and PokeStop visit each day, with the said bonus increasing each consecutive day that you would login to the game.
  • Whenever you defeat the Gym Leader at a rival Gym, there will be a short period of time where you will be the only one who will be able to place a Pokemon in that specific open Gym.
  • The amount of Prestige has increased for every rival Gym that loses when defeated by a regular Gym member. At the same time, the amount of Prestige gained through training at a friendly Gym has been decreased.
  • Minor text fixes.


There is also bad news of this update:


1. Now it doesn't seem to matter whether you're the passenger or the driver. Pokemon Go players are reporting on Reddit that update 0.45.0/1.15.0 has limited how fast you can move while playing. Travel any faster and the PokeStops won't work at all.


2. This Pokemon Go update could be ruining your battery life. Pokemon Go Hub noticed the issue this week. On three different Android smartphones and an iPhone 6s, battery life quickly dropped from 100% to almost 10% in under two hours. Previously, the site said it could get about three hours of on-screen time. The overall consensus seems to be that battery life is dropping at about 1% per minute thanks to the update. Some devices also heated up significantly while the game was running. The team now are working at the battery drain issue.


3. Pokemon Go update 0.45.0 and 1.15.0 may make gyms totally pointless. To defend a gym well in Pokemon Go, you want to raise its prestige up to level 10, which allows the maximum number of Pokemon to be stationed at that gym. You can increase the prestige of a friendly gym by training there and fighting against Pokemon from your own team. Training up a gym to level 10 already took a while, but the new update actually lowers the amount of prestige you generate by training at a friendly gym. This will probably discourage players from taking over gyms at all.


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