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Pokemon Go Update: Eevee Hatch Changes

It was announced that that Pidgey and Rattata will no longer hatch from eggs. In addition, Eevee now only hatches from 5km eggs.


The news came from the official Pokemon Go Twitter page, with a tweet saying that "Professor Willow has discovered that Pidgey & Rattata no longer hatch from Eggs. He also found that Eevee now hatches from 5 km Eggs only."


Pokemon Go Eevee


In the game, players can get more Pokemon by hatching eggs, of which there are three kinds: 2km, 5km and 10km. That figure represents how far you need to walk in order for the egg to hatch and give you a new Pokemon. But from day one, users have complained about the excruciating experience of walking several kilometers, only to get something extremely common like a Pidgey that you run into dozens of times per day already.  Previously, Eevee had been a possibility in the 10k egg Pokemon pool, something that players hated - Eevee is not a rare Pokemon by any means, and the 10k distance has been almost exclusively reserved for hard to find Pokemon. Now, Eevee is actually considered a "good" option in the 5k bracket while also reducing the number of "bad" outcomes from 10k eggs as well.


It's a small change, and one that many casual players likely won't notice, but it's a great one for hardcore trainers and shows that Niantic is paying attention to that community as well. "This is good new for more than just the fact that Eevees are now in [five-kilometer eggs]," wrote user CrazedArtistCat in a popular thread on the Pokemon Go reddit. "More importantly, it shows that if enough people have a problem with something, and it makes sense for Niantic to do, there is a chance that they will do it."


Niantic confirmed to Polygon that Eevee is now a member of the five-kilometer egg tier, but no other Pokemon have been moved around. On their Twitter account today, Niantic also said that players will now find "other Pokemon" where Pidgey, Rattata and Zubat were previously found.


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