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The Right Pokemon to Battle Lapras in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players can have Lapras possessing a maximum of 2980 Combat Power. Its Quick Ice Moves are either Ice Shard or Frost Breath. It also has three Charge Ice Moves namely, Blizzard, Ice Beam and Dragon Pulse. It can also be an effective counter to Dragonite. People who are always playing Pokemon Go know that Lapras is a tough Pokemon defender. Theoretically, the Lapras can be defeated by Electric, Fighting, Grass and Rock type Pokemon. Here proper pokemon to fight against Lapras is listed below with abilities.


Rhydon and Golem

Rhydon and Golem are both Rock and Ground Pokemon that could deal a lot of damage to Lapras using Stone Edge or Earthquake moves. Unfortunately, they also received 1.25x Ice damage which guarantees a quick gym fight.


Flareon and Omastar

Flareon is another Fire type Pokemon that could fight a Lapras with its Ember / Fire Blast moves. Omastar is Water / Rock Pokemon but its Rock Throw / Rock slide appears to be deadly against a Lapras and only takes normal Ice attack damage. Pokemon Go players should make sure that their Omastar has enough CP to outlast the Lapras.


Machamp and Arcanine

One Pokemon counter that stands out is the Machamp. Lapras can be defeated by its Karate Chop / Stone Edge moves. Pokemon Go players though should pick a Machamp attacker with plenty of CP. Another possible contender against the Lapras is Arcanine. Its stats are impressive and take only 0.8x damages from the Ice attacks of Lapras. Arcanine's Fire Fang / Fire Blast moves will be quite effective against the Lapras.


If you get Lapras, you own its maximum combat points. You can have a try with these pokemon. Know more information about Pokemon Go, you can click our website to see more, in addition, there are rare pokemon, pokemon accounts and stardust on sale!