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Pokemon Go Guide: Locate Pokemon Spawn Points in Your Area

"Pokemon Go" spawn points are specific areas in the real world where Niantic servers tend to spawn at least one Pokemon every hour, which means, if ever you are able to locate a "Pokemon Go" spawn point near your area, most like the Pokemon that is shown in your "Sightings" list will be there. In this article, a guide about how to look and take advantage of Pokemon spawn points in "Pokemon Go" will be introduced.


So why is it important to locate Pokemon spawn points, as we know that Spawn Points generate a Pokemon every hour and keep it hidden until the server says differently. Spawn points can help you decide where to find the Pokemon on your "Sightings" list faster in your current location. It will let you know what time of the day that "Pokemon Go" spawn location could produce a rare Pokemon and even what time it spawns every hour.


The question is how to locate these spawn points. The best way to look for these "Pokemon Go" spawn points is of course by walking. Whenever you are in a new place, using the "Sighting" tool try to search for all the Pokemon available on the list. Every hour, try to observe the location of where you caught these Pokemon and take note of the time you've seen or caught them. If this trend continues for several consecutive hours during the day and appearing at the exact same time, chances are that specific location where you've captured the Pokemon is a "Pokemon Go" spawn.


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