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Pokemon Go Guide to Let You Get XP


In Pokemon Go, it's relatively easy to level up, but it soon becomes increasingly difficult as the XP requirements get more. 


For instance, just take a look at the XP required to advance to each level. You only need 9,000 XP to go from Level 9 to Level 10, but you need 350,000 XP to go from Level 29 to Level 30. Once you get into the 30s, it takes one million XP or more to progress. No wonder no one has hit Level 40 yet. If you want to level your way through the game and potentially become one of the first players to reach Level 40 (without cheating), you'll have to remember all the various XP bonuses in the game. There are a whole bunch of actions that players can perform in order to get XP, including catching Pokemon using a curveball, defeating Pokemon in gyms, evolving Pokemon, and visiting Pokestops. 


You can couple this information with the use of Lucky Eggs, items in the game that, once applied, will give players double the XP for a 30 minute period. Activate one of those eggs and perform some of the actions below, including evolving a whole bunch of Pokemon one after the other, can be quite fruitful for you. If you save up all your extra Pidgeys and evolve them during a Lucky Egg session, you can leave with up to 60,000 XP in a half-hour. (You'll get 1000 XP for every evolution.)Even just activating a lucky egg and going out to capture Pokemon can get you a good amount of XP, as using a Lucky Egg, you'll get 200 XP for every capture, plus an extra 100 XP if you can nail an "excellent throw" and 1000 XP if you capture a new species.


In order to make you get XP better in Pokemon Go, here is detailed information to show XP with relevant actions.


Throw a curveball - 10 XP

Get a "nice throw" - 10 XP

Get a "great throw" - 50 XP

Get an "excellent throw" - 100 XP

Hatch a 2km egg - 200 XP

Hatch a 5km egg - 500 XP

Hatch a 10km egg - 1000 XP

Successfully capture any Pokemon - 100 XP

Successfully capture a new Pokemon species - 500 XP

Unsuccessfully capture any Pokemon (i.e. the Pokemon flees) - 25 XP

Capture your 100th Pokemon of the same species (then 200th, 300th, etc) - 100 XP

Evolve any Pokemon - 500 XP

Visit a Pokestop that has fewer than six items - 50 XP

Visit a Pokestop that has six or more items - 100 XP

Visit 10 unique Pokestops within 30 minutes - 100 XP

Defeat a Pokemon in an enemy gym - 100 XP

Successfully clear an enemy gym - 50 XP


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