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Possible Ways Legendary Pokemon Will Arrive in Pokemon Go

There will be updates in Pokemon GO, and legendary pokemon will also arrive. But we don't know how these legendary pokemon will be introduced, so here are possible ways they would come out.


1. By Pokemon Go lucky eggs

The thought of Pokemon Go players being able to hatch a legendary pokemon from eggs is definitely interesting. But of course, if this is possible, they won't be simply acquired from a basic egg of sorts. Perhaps, Niantic will introduced them in a form of a golden egg or whatsoever. The idea is to make their arrival special in one way or another. For instance, players can acquire very rare gold eggs from the likes of Poke Stops. From there, they'll be playing with their lucks. It's obvious that there is something to expect.


2. Earn them


Since these creatures represent the three teams in the game, it should only make sense if they'll be earned by a particular team. They could be a reward for achieving a certain level, or perhaps a gym reward. The latter, of course, is a more profound concept, as players have to battle it all out.


3. Emerge in Pokemon Go Events


Since the launching of Pokemon Go, players were already anticipating the arrival of the aforementioned pokemon. However, Niantic isn't that quick to run the hype. Nevertheless, if these creatures are to be released, there's a great percentage that the studio will unleashed them in various events. Besides, their arrival are to be celebrated, right?


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