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Some Generation 2 Pokemon Do Not Nest In Pokemon Go

As we know, the 16th Pokemon Go nest migration has just taken place, which brings some nest changes in Pokemon Go.


In Pokemon Go, a "nest" is a location in the real world where a high frequency of the same type of Pokemon can be found. So one of the best ways to find specific Pokemon in Pokemon Go is by going to nests, locations in the real world where the same species of Pokemon spawns at a very high frequency. 



In order to keep the game fresh, Niantic rotates these nests every two weeks. It's fairly unpredictable how nests will change during these migrations. It has brought troubles to find Pokemon in the wild.


What make things worse is that there are a number of Pokemon that simply do not have any nests at all. This includes all of the baby Pokemon, which can currently only be obtained through eggs and that therefore do not nest.


For example, Unown, the ultra-rare Pokemon, is currently the rarest Pokemon in the entire game, and its rarity is exacerbated by the fact that there do not exist any Unown nests anywhere.


In addition to scarce Pokemons, there are some Pokemon like Mareep which isn't known for being particularly rare in the previous games, is much more difficult to come by in Pokemon Go than players expected.


Moreover, it doesn't mean there are no ways to pinpoint its spawn once a species doesn't spawn. Because some of these Pokemon do not nest, but they have common spawns.


Then do you know which second generation Pokemon don't have nests? Here is the list: Cleffa, Corsola, Heracross, Hitmontop, Igglybuff, Larvitar, Mantine, Mareep, Miltank, Natu, Pichu, Pineco, Skarmory, Snubbull, Stantler, Steelix, Sudowoodo, Togepi, Togetic, Unown.