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What We Know about Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update

It is reported that Niantic is scheduling the release of Pokemon Go Gen 2. Even if the developer doesn't reveal anything, but we can get something from the hints. Here are what we should know at first.


The release date for Pokemon Go Gen 2 has not been announced. It is said that the update will come out next year, that is May 2017. Below are features with the new update.


Pokemon GO Gen 2 Legendary Pokemon, Legendary Birds & teams


The upcoming update will feature more evolutions. For instance, Onix will be getting his Steelix (finally!) and Oddish to Bellossom. Obviously, these are just some of the many evolutions the community will be getting. In addition, evolution forms of some popular Gen 1 Pokemon are said to be appearing in "Pokemon GO" Gen 2 and evolution times would be reduced, for the game to move faster this time.


One of most talked about additions in "Pokemon GO" Gen 2 are the legendary birds - Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos. 


And 3 in-game teams will be introduced, Mystic, Instinct and Valor. This is definitely worth waiting for, especially with the fact that no one has ever owned one. It is said that Legendary creatures are to be set for teams.


Trading System


Trading system has long been rumored to be introduced into "Pokemon Go" but since it is still not around, many believe it will be included in Gen 2 instead. The new trading will allow players to trade Pokemon and items for extra advantage in the game.


So-called Pokemon GO Android Wear support


It's basically a wearable tech that works almost exactly the same with the Apple Watch version. But the interesting part is that this tech might arrive along with the release of another feature -- PvP Battles, that is. It holds true that players have been wanting to do battles with other players -- not just the simple idea of doing it on gyms. This is one of the things that Niantic is looking to add in the near future.


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