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Pokemon Go: Fifth Nest Migration Took Place

As we know that Pokemon Nests in Pokemon Go now and then. And now the fifth nest migration just occurred.


A Pokemon nest, for players new to the mechanics of the Pokemon Go mobile game, is an area where a player can usually find spawns of Pokemon of the same species spawning all throughout the day. This usually helps players who aim at collecting specific Pokemon.  When nest migrations happen, "Pokemon Go" users will be unable to find Pokémon at the same nest they usually flock to. 


When a nest migration occurs, the Pokemon that spawns in a said nest disappear and is replaced into a different set of Pokemon species. The term "migration" is meant to describe how Pokemon that disappears from a particular nest may have transferred into a different nest. A Bulbasaur nest yesterday may now be a Pikachu nest. 


Though plenty of "Pokemon Go" nests have migrated, there are nests that remained in the same location, according to The Silph Road's Reddit page. TheSilph Road, a website that collects reports from the community to deliver helpful resources for Pokémon go, confirming nest changes happening with the nests near their area. It's challenging to know what nest migrations occurred without going out and exploring the community, so it's helpful for other "Pokemon Go" players to share their experiences and point users to the new nest locations.


The first editions of few nest migrations used to have a seeming pattern on which Pokemon changes to during nest migrations. But given the events of the fourth migration where the migration spawned Pokemon at random. For this fifth migration event, it would seem that the migration may follow the way the last one went. 


As Niantic, the game developer for Pokemon Go, will never confirm what Pokemon will spawn the nests when migration happens. For those players who seek to collect Pokemon and complete their Pokedex, hop on to TheSilphRoad, update on Reddit, or not do any of those and just do yourself a favour, go out and check out the new nest areas and you might be up for a Pokemon surprise.


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