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Special Region Exclusive Pokemons We Know In Pokemon Go

There are four special region-exclusive Pokemons have been released in the world of Pokemon Go. The game released 145 Pokemon to the field at the beginning while four of them were exclusive to certain regions. Recently, more than 80 new Pokemon have joined the fray with the Generation 2 update, the number of region-exclusive Pokemon has expanded.



To catch these special Pokemons, players need to hatch them from an egg or even travel abroad to catch one by Poke Ball.


Here we'll post an effective map that show where you can find these region-exclusive Pokemons.



Tauros: United States

Mr. Mime: Europe

Farfetch'd: Asia

Kangaskhan: Australia

Heracross: Central America, South America, parts of Florida and Texas

Corsola: Between 31N and 26S latitudes


According to The Silph Road Reddit community, the locations of these Pokemons are quite difficult to find especially the location of Corsola. "Corsola seems to only spawn between the latitudes of 31N and 26S."


Notably, region-exclusive Pokemons have still yet to be found as two non-Legendary Pokemon from Generation 2 have not appeared. You can get both Pokemon Go news and rare Pokemon Go account at pokemonbux.com.