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Pokemon Go Tricks to Help Save Pokeballs

Pokeball is taking an important role in capturing and storing pokemon. For players, it's disappointing that wasting a pokeball without catching the pokemon. So in this article, two tricks will be introduced to you to save the pokeballs. 


First, use your AR (Augmented Reality) mode efficiently, players should always turn the AR mode off to catch pokemon easier. And this tip isn't considered a form of cheating. When the AR mode in "Pokemon GO" is turned off, the pokemon you're trying to catch will be located in the middle, which is an easier way to capture the creature. After turning off the AR mode, players should aim their phone to the pokemon located at the bottom part of the screen. Its trick is also helpful when you're trying to catch pokemon that is far from a player's location such as Charizard, Dragonite, Rapidash, and Venusaur. This requires using multiple Ultra Pokeballs. When the AR mode is disabled, "Pokemon GO" players will be able to catch these pokemon with just a single, regular Pokeball throw.


Second trick is that is to take note of the pokemon rings that surround the creature. The rings have three different colors and levels. Green means the pokemon is easier to capture, orange means a more challenging catch, and red is the toughest catch. The best chance to catch a pokemon is when the ring is red and is the smallest in size. "Pokemon GO" players also believe that a pokemon is harder to capture when it's angry or agitated at the trainer, so it's advisable to wait for the creature to become happy before catching it as the ring's color turns red. Feeding a pokemon with Razz Berries will make it happy. 


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