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Methods to Help Track Distance Better in Pokemon Go

When you are walking around fro hatching eggs, the game is recording how far you have walked. But for game players, they may be endure the inconsistencies so that they walk farther than the game's record. Here are some methods which can help you track distance better.


1. Pay attention to your speed

You may think that just because you can catch some Pokemon while traveling in a car, your egg distance will also be tracked. But it doesn't always work this way. In fact, Pokemon Go trainers on Reddit's The Silph Road discovered that the speed limit for hatching eggs (and walking Pokemon Buddies) is about 10.5 km/hour, or 6.5 mph. After the update two weeks ago, some trainers think the speed may now be faster and closer to 13.5 km/hour or even 15 km/hour. But to be on the safe side, keep your speed around 10.5. 


2. Force closing your app

Sometimes Pokemon Go just stops connecting to the network if you minimize the app or multitask while using it. Some Redditors have reported that when it comes to egg hatching, this has sometimes caused a big issue with recording the distance traveled. In order to avoid this problem, try force closing the app after you've finished using it, or just when you are about to start using the app again. Some players have reported that force closing the app sometimes minimizes or fixes the problem.


3. Walk in different directions

Part of the problem is that if you walk in a circle or backtrack over where you walked during the first half of your travels, Pokemon Go may only record half of your distance. So try to not backtrack your steps. Or, if you have to do this, then pause for a while when you reach your halfway point. Maybe take a 30-minute or hour break for a snack or a visit with a friend. This won't fix the problem all the time, but it can help.


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