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Pokemon Go: Top 5 Strongest Pokemon to Help You Win

Pokemon Go players may try to kinds of combinations to compete in battles. In this article, 5 strongest and competitive pokemon will be introduced to you to assist you with building a strong team.


Here is 5 pokemon in the list from the legendary pokemon except Ditto does not belong to the legendary pokemon.


Mega Gengar

Once Gengar Mega Evolve with the use of Gengarite, it can now take its Mega Gengar form. Mega Gengar in "Pokemon GO" can help you win since it is mostly resistant to Poison, Grass, Bug and Fairy. Mega Gengar's access to Shadow Tag gives it the ability to lock down and kill Ghost-Type Pokemon.




Greninja is a fast-moving amphibian that is mostly popular among "Pokemon GO" players. Its Protean ability allows it to have the highest base Speed in the game. This means that it can fit any move that it is doing and can do STAB attacks everywhere. 




Garchomp is a dual-type Dragon/Ground Pokemon that evolves from Gabite, Gible and into a Mega Evolution of Mega Garchomp. It easily belongs to the top list as it is also resistant to Poison and can fight Rock and Fire. Garchomp has a great overall stats, is known for its stability and STAB attacks.



While Klefki is a new Pokemon for "Pokemon GO" and is considered a bit sloppy in design, but this Pokemon is considered the key to a Pokemon team's success. This Pokemon is immune to poison and has strong defensive capabilities. Klefki's dual-typing ability makes it resistant and impervious to other Normal, Psychic, Ice, Dark, Flying, Rock, Grass, and almost all types of Pokemon.



While Ditto does not belong to one of those legendary Pokemon, it really bits all of those Pokemon out there as it is can transform into Mewtwo and help you with the breeding you need. The problem though is that Ditto has not been found yet and is still hiding somewhere.


It seems pokemon mentioned above is not easy to catch. Players even doubt whether Ditto exists or not. But Nitanic has already confirmed that Ditto does exist without the certain location. Some player said he got Ditto. You might as well try to capture these pokemon first, then exert their values. is a good place to buy stardust for your Pokemon Go, and you also can buy pokemon accounts and rare pokemon. Meanwhile, Pokemon Go news is updating.