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How to Win Gym Battles in Pokemon Go

Capturing pokemon is not the only goal in Pokemon Go, it's also important to use pokemon to win gym battles. If you love the game and you are struggling in Gym battles when playing "Pokémon Go," so in this article, some tips are introduced to you.


First, use Poke Win in Pokemon Go. Poke Win's official site presents a list of Pokemon categorized according to their efficiency. To effectively use this method, players can change their Pokemon's CP (Combat Points) as they try to defeat a particular gym leader. From there, Poke Win will try to adjust the required minimum CP of all species so as to apply the changes. Of course, it's not a cheat.


Second, learn to dodge an attack. When you see the circular burst, it may probably lead to an attack. When you are aware of this, you shall learn to dodge. Learning the skills to avoid your enemy's attack during a "Pokémon Go" Gym battle is very helpful winning.


Third, build a team based on your opponent's pokemon, thus you need more six pokemon. Make sure that they have high CP and are the real match against the Pokémon you will be battling in the "Pokémon Go" Gym.


Last, use special attacks. Make sure that you use special attacks when your pokemon has the upper hand. 


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