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  • Pokemon GO Guide On Gaining More Pokecoins By Gym Team 04/28/2017
    Pokecoin is the premium currency that you can use to purchase almost all of the Items located in the Shop such as Egg Incubators, Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, Bag Upgrades and the works in Pokemon Go. Most of the time, if you want Pokecoins, you're going to have to pay for them, and they can really accelerate things if you do.
  • Trainers Hatched 87 Million Eggs In Duration Of Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza Event 04/26/2017
    The Pokemon Go's Easter-Themed Eggstravaganza event which allows players to get double XP and Lucky Eggs while leveling up faster has come to an end.
  • Updates Expected To Add In Pokemon GO After Latest Event 04/24/2017
    The game Pokemon GO is very close to its first anniversary since its launch on July 6, 2016. Since the Pokemon Go's Eggstravaganza is over, many trainers start speculating about the game's next event and Shiny Pokemon are expected to flock "Pokemon GO" soon.
  • Huge Summer Event Planned With Raids In Pokemon GO 04/19/2017
    In the summer of 2016, there was a huge hype in the world when the Augmented Reality game Pokemon GO was released. Also the summer in the year 2017 is supposed to be very special for the developers and the community, because a huge summer event is planned. In an interview, Niantic Japan confirmed the event and said the coaches are looking forward to it.
  • Pokemon Go Is Planning A Huge Legendary Event This Summer 04/18/2017
    Players are wondering the next big update in Pokemon Go while we're in the Eggstravaganza Event. Recently, the general manager of Niantic, Yoshiji Kawashima and Kenji Suka shared the working in progress in a Japanese interview.
  • Hatching Eggs In Pokemon Go Eggstravaganza Event 04/14/2017
    Yesterday, in celebration of the Easter Day, Pokemon Go is planning to launch an Eggstravaganza event which allows players to find more Pokemon in 2km Eggs and receive more Pokemon Candy for every Pokemon they hatch.
  • The Achievements Pokemon Go Got In BAFTA Awards 04/11/2017
    Since Pokemon Go become hugely successful last year, there are more and more players try to play it. The game is currently enjoying a user base of over 65 million monthly active users.
  • Pokemon Go Is Being To Updated To Version 0.61.0 And 1.31.0 04/07/2017
    Recently, Pokemon Go announced the update of new patch, version 0.61.0 for Android and 1.31.0 for iOS devices. Now, we'll talk about the patch notes in this article.
  • The Next Pokemon Go Event: April Fool's Day Or Easter Holiday 03/31/2017
    As a popular game that offer parents and children many side benefits from playing the game together, Poekmon Go game increased exercise, more time spent outdoors and opportunities for family bonding.
  • Pokemon Go Will Release Pokemon Go Plus For First Anniversary This Summer 03/29/2017
    Now, the latest talk of Pokemon Go to join the spotlight is the Shinny Pokemon. After Pokemon Go rolled out the limited-time Water Festival last week, players are busy with catching Shinny Magikarp which will evolves into Shinny Gyarados.
  • Take Advantage Of Water Festival Event To Catch A Shiny Magikarp In Pokemon Go 03/27/2017
    As the Water Festival event is hot in Pokemon Go now, developers is releasing golden Magikarp in the wild. As the first Pokemon in the game that comes in a shiny variant, Magikarps have different markings and colors than standard Pokemon.
  • New Pokemon Go Event: The Global Water Festival 03/23/2017
    These days, Poekmon Go is launching a new made-up event, the global Water Festival which featured more water Pokemon. Now, the event has kicked off and it concludes on March 29, 2017, at 1 P.M. PDT.
  • Evolution Items Will Be Available In The Latest Pokemon Go 7-Day Streaks 03/22/2017
    Evolution Items are objects that trigger the new evolutions or new split evolutions for Gen 1 Pokemon into Gen 2 Pokemon forms which given out by PokeStops just like Revives, Ultra Balls, and Razz Berries.
  • Delibird Haven't Been Seen In Pokemon Go 03/20/2017
    As we mentioned in the previous news, the Pokemon mentioned in legends haven't been found in Pokemon Go. Plus, Pokemon Go is not only missing some Gen 1 rare Pokemons, but also lacking some non-legendary Gen 2 creatures, such as Delibird.
  • Unown Is Really Hard To Find In Pokemon Go 03/17/2017
    More Pokemon have been added in Pokemon Go. Unown is one of the new Pokemon in Pokemon Go Gen 2, an especially rare monster that comes in multiple versions. There are 26 Unown to collect in total — one for each letter of the alphabet — but so far, players have rarely seen even one of them.
  • Some Generation 2 Pokemon Do Not Nest In Pokemon Go 03/15/2017
    In order to keep the game fresh, Niantic rotates these nests every two weeks. It's fairly unpredictable how nests will change during these migrations. It has brought troubles to find Pokemon in the wild. What make things worse is that there are a number of Pokemon that simply do not have any nests at all. This includes all of the baby Pokemon, which can currently only be obtained through eggs and that therefore do not nest.
  • New Products At Next Event Have Been Announced In Pokemon Go 03/13/2017
    Niantic CEO John Hanke shared some interesting insight on the panel, mostly related to their efforts so far and the benefits of playing "Pokemon GO" to the players' health and how the game encouraged more people to go outside.
  • Playing Pokemon Go Can Help Promote Health And Fitness? 03/10/2017
    Pokemon Go is probably one of the most popular mobile games in history since its release in July 2016. The game has great potential to promote physical activity by dragging people out of their houses for a walk around the neighborhood.
  • Pokemon Go Has Confirmed The Release Of Legendary Birds 03/08/2017
    Some time ago, many of the Gen 2 Pokemon already arrived in Pokemon Go, so some players are looking forward to see the Pokemon mentioned in legends, the ones known as the Legendary Birds in the game.
  • Trading Is Not A Way Of Solving Local Spawn Issues In Pokemon Go 03/06/2017
    As a location-based game, Pokemon Go will have a new update that will bring trading to the game. Niantic has revealed exactly how trading will work in Pokemon Go, confirming that it won't take place over the internet. The product manager Tatsuo Nomura of Pokemon Go states that the company doesn't see trading as a way of solving local spawn issues.
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