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Will Daily Quests Feature Come to Pokemon Go?

Recently, Niantic unveiled several new features for Pokemon Go. It seems that the team are trying to get  game players back. It is said that the new feature daily quests will be available to Pokemon Go with the indication of uncovered datamined code in the latest 0.43.3 version. However, Niantic hasn’t confirmed this yet and the information is still being debated.


Thanks to the folks over at Pokemon Go Hub, it looks like the game will soon be getting daily quests.


The mention of "Daily Quests" was found in the hex code for Pokemon Go with its latest update that just hit, and the snippets of code that were discovered mention quests called "First Catch of the Day", "First PokeStop of the Day", and one simply titled "Unknown." On top of this, there is also the mention of things called "Current Streak Count" and "Current Period Bucket." This suggests that players would be able to get additional rewards for completing so many Daily Quests in a row, but we don't have any idea what rewards are going to be for these streaks or for simply completing one or two of these Daily Quests. There's mention of an incubator in this code, suggesting that that could be one of the potential rewards to be had. However, without any official word from Niantic, this is still rather unclear.


As of this past weekend, any Pokemon you see at a gym will be added to your Pokedex as a silhouette. Previously, you had to actually encounter a Pokemon in the wild in order for it to appear in the Pokedex, but as countless players have noted, all you have to do now is pass by a gym with that Pokemon occupying it.


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