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What You should Know about the Upcoming Buddy System in Pokemon Go

The buddy system is being added to Pokemon Go in the future, which will allow trainers to travel with a Pokemon of their choice outside of its Pokeball. Owing to the benefits by doing this, players want to figure out how this system function. So in this article, what you should know about the buddy system will be displayed.


First point, at any given time players will only be able to have one Pokemon as their appointed "buddy". Players won’t be able to use it for other tasks in the game at the momet pokemon is appointed to buddy duty. So if Pokemon trading was available, a buddy Pokemon wouldn’t be able to be traded until its status as a buddy Pokemon was removed. A Buddy Pokemon is unable to fight in gym battles neither.


Second point, buddy Pokemon has four different sizes, that are Medium, Shoulder, Big, and Flying. The size of Pokemon seems to be based on their actual size in the Pokemon universe, as opposed to the random height and weight that is assigned to them in Pokemon GO. For example, a Snorlax, will never be labeled as anything other than a "Big" size Pokemon.


Third point, having a buddy system can earn you candy, which is used to evolve pokemon. In the game pokemon has been assigned a distance between 1 KM to 3 KM, and walking that set distance with that Pokemon assigned as a buddy will earn players candy. The majority of Pokemon only require 1 or 2 KM to get candy, but there are some Pokemon that require 3 KM. If you want capture rare pokemon, that even require further walking distance.


In general, the buddy system in Pokemon GO should allow trainers to acquire some rarer Pokemon with a rapid pace.And it does a lot when making progress like searching pokemon and hatch eggs. So far, these are things which you should know about the upcoming update. So would you be interested in having a try? More latest news are available on our site Over there, we also offer rare pokemon, pokemon account and stardust as you may need.