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Top 10 Best Pokemon With the Highest HP, Attack, Defense Stats Revealed

Once you find Pokemon, you will want to get into taking over Gyms for your chose team, and the best way to do that is by forming the best and strongest Pokemon possible.Therefore, we want to share the top best Pokemon with highest HP, Attack, Defense stats. It it helpful if you want to craft a team with different strengths and weaknesses, but with these elements combined together, we also know the best overall Pokémon in Pokémon Go. Here is top 10 Pokemon for each stat.

Best Pokémon overall in Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go

Best Pokémon by highest HP in Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go

Best Pokémon by highest Defense stat in Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go

Best Pokémon by highest Attack stat in Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go

Stronger, higher CP Pokémon - along with Pokémon that have the most powerful, highest DPS moves, means winning more battles, winning more battles means taking more Gyms, allowing you to get free PokeCoins (and pride) in the process. If you want to get more Pokemon Go Guide, please keep eyes on here! Not only we will share Pokemon Go tips, but also we will offer cheap Pokemon Go Accounts with bottom price. 

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