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The Buddy System Arrives in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go's previously announced Buddy system arrives today with the latest update from Niantic Labs. To add an interesting new dynamic to the game, Trainers can now pick one Pokemon from their collection as their "Buddy." It's adding both new functionality and character to the game, allowing you to better imagine those adventures out in the world, traversing the wilderness with your faithful Pokemon - buddy at your side. While, in this article, the best way to use it is to be explained.


Basically, the buddy system allows you have one pokemon to follow you. This will help you collect candies for your buddy pokemon as you walk. Different Pokemon have different distances they need to walk to find candy. For example, you need to walk a Pidgey only 1 kilometer, an Ivysaur 3 km and a Lapras 5 km. No matter the distance, it seems you only get one candy after walking that specific distance.


Once you've decided which Pokemon will be your buddy, follow these directions:


  1. Tap on the photo of your trainer avatar in the lower left-hand side of the screen
  2. Tap on the Menu button
  3. Tap on the Buddy option found between Journal and Customize
  4. Tap on the Pokemon you choose as your buddy


After doing all these, the buddy pokemon will stand beside your avatar, but for some pokemon, like Eevees, Pidgeys and Weebles will sit on your avatar's shoulders. And for your 


buddy, it has a white bubble over its head that contains two smiling faces. This is just like the marker you get when certain Pokemon are defending a gym. It's just a label to remind you that that particular Pokemon has a job to do. If you want to switch to a new buddy, the best time to choose a new buddy is when you just found a candy with your current buddy.


In addition to the Buddy System and a slew of bug fixes, the latest version of Pokémon Go adds support for the Go Plus accessory which goes on sale next week. If you want something for Pokemon Go, you can click our website to purchase. We also provide other things, like rare pokemon and pokemon account if you need. So come and buy.