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Pokemon Go Wishlist for Christmas Update

There is still more than one month away from Christmas, and Niantic must update Pokemon Go at that time. So for fans, they also want to get something special. In this article, wishlist collecting from fans is diaplayed.


Below are things fans wish to have.


1. Need legendaries. Someone is dreaming of a blue snorlax, or a green one, or a white snorlax. Or ice Pokemon as that time, it's cold. Having ice Pokemon will be fun.


2. An event where on any day between the start of the day on December 1 and the end of the day on December 23 (local time for both) you can send a letter to Santa asking for a specific pokemon (Regionals allowed, Ditto/legendaries not allowed). On Christmas morning you would receive an egg that contains the Pokemon you asked for.


3. The ability to run the app in the background and have distance walked still tracked (Allow me to take in the nature and see cars while crossing the street instead of looking at phone constantly to make sure the app hasn't crashed again). Improved distance tracking so it accurately reflects distance walked.


4. Get more stardust, may 200 per each pokemon. A more permanent solution in which the amount of stardust is a percentage of the CP of whatever pokémon you catch, maybe with an evolution multiplier.


5. To make Lapras event everywhere, not just in Japan. As what they need right now is for all gyms everywhere to have Laprases. Even in Japan it's probably not horrible at the moment, since the event only plays out in a relatively small area, not the entire country. But imagine how gyms would look if they would roll this out world-wide, in addition to making for a very boring gaming experience for everyone involved.


As game fans, you must get your own ideas, so what is your wish? Is it same with mentioned above or different? Just speak out. For more stardust, you can get on our website as well as rare Pokemon you probably like, Pokemon Go accounts as well as power leveling.