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Pokemon Go Will Make Huge Changes In Gyms When Disabled

Niantic finally told us how the Gym System will look after the changes - what is to wait!



In this article, we gather the most important information from the official notes and present it in condensed form.


1. New Gym Features




Upon entering the Gym update will now be like PokeStops give players items - just spin the Photo Disc as in the case of well-known blue points. What's important is that they will not now be based on Prestige and training for the next levels. From the start of the gym, there will be six permanent slots waiting for the next Pokemon. According to previous prediction it will be possible to place only one pokemon of a particular species in the arena - the end of the halls surrounded on the banks of Blissey or Dragonite. Opponents will fight the creatures according to the order in which pokemon are placed in the gym.




The new update will be called, motivation system. Over time, the motivation meter will drop and with CP the Pokemon drop(only visible to the opponents in the gym), it will become easier for the opposing teams. To maintain his motivation at a high level, you will need to feed him occasionally with Berries - otherwise losing all of motivation it will return to the Trainer after another losing battle.


2. Gym Badges




In the game there will be badges - they will be awarded for interaction with the Gyms and show our contribution to raising the arenas. Interestingly, it will be possible to raise the level of such a Gym Badge for battling, giving Berries in the Gym and spinning the Gym's Photo Disc. Higher levels will give us bonus items and increased rewards. 


3. Raid Battle




The mystery found in the code of raid records has been resolved. This will be another completely new feature in Pokemon GO, which requires co-operation between players. All the fun will consist in defeating a very strong Pokemon called Raid Boss. Before the start of an event called a Raid Battle, all the Pokemon present there will come back to the Trainers and at the top of it there will be a large Egg and a timer. When the countdown reaches the end, the egg hatches the Raid Boss.




To fight a Raid Boss you need a pass, so called Raid Pass. Each player will be able to receive one free pass every day visiting the gym - importantly, you can only have one at a time in your backpack. Of course, Niantic has also provided another possibility - the shop will be able to purchase a Premium Raid Pass (it is unclear whether it will be different or whether it will allow more than one Raid Boss per day). In the fight will be able to participate in 20 Trainers who in 5 minutes have to beat a very strong Raid Boss. If this art succeeds, in addition to very valuable items, they will also be given the opportunity to catch an extra powerful Pokemon.


4. New Items


For defeating the aforementioned Raid Bosses, players will receive items that are only available in this way: Rare Candies, Golden Razz Berries, and two types of Technical Machines - Fast and Charged.


Rare Candy - This new type of candy after use on a given Pokemon will change into candies suitable for this particular species (something like universal candy, which can be used on any creature).


Golden Razz Berries - We know the Berries, only in the gold version, will increase the chances of catching the pokemon in the wild even more. It can also be given to creatures in Gyms to fill their motivation meter to maximum value simultaneously.


Technical Machines - devices known for console games, however, their action in Pokemon GO is not yet fully known. As Niantic explains, you will be able to use them to permanently learn the game of new Fast Attack or Charged Attack (respectively fast or charged type). We do not know, however, whether the enigmatic "permanent" concealment is limited to one use on a particular creature. We also do not know whether the change will be random or whether it will be possible to select the attack we are interested in.


Niantic will soon switch off Gyms to prepare for the upcoming changes. By the way, the Pokemon GO Fest Chicago tickets are now on sale. Seize the opportunity to purchase tickets!