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Pokemon Go Update: A Major Change to Gym Training

Niantic has now revealed another new feature - an update to Pokemon Go gym system for the popular mobile game. The key change is that you can bring six Pokemon to battle instead of just one at friendly gyms.


In addition to allowing trainers to participate in friendly battles with multiple Pokemon, the update will also change the Combat Power (CP) of defending Pokemon you encounter "to generally match your Pokémon's battle capabilities." 


In other words, when you see a gym of the same color, you'll have a fighting chance to have a significant impact on its growth, even if your Pokemon aren't as strong as the Pokemon that inhabit the gym. This will give semi-active players the ability to contribute more readily without having to spend hours leveling up their Pokemon.


The announcement of Pokemon Go's new catch bonus feature, giving trainers a better chance of capturing rare Pokemon if they've already caught a certain amount of Pokemon of that type and the Gym changes come after Niantic teased "exciting features and changes" for the game. In September, the CEO of The Pokemon Company teased a multiplayer battle mode for Pokemon Go, though this feature has not yet been delivered.


There's still a lot we don't know about how these changes will affect the competitive aspect of the game, but it's a smart change from Niantic; one that might convince players who haven't played in weeks to jump back in.


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