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Pokemon Go Tips On Catching New Baby Pokemon

These days, Niantic announced the release of new Pokemon and what our trainers should to do is hatching them. There are at least 7 new baby Pokemon have been rolled out. Some players have catched them and shared their experience on Twitter.



Here's the Gen 2 "baby" Pokemon you can hatch from eggs:

  • Magby (evolves into Magmar)
  • Elekid (evolves into Electabuzz)
  • Cleffa (evolves into Clefairy)
  • Igglypuff (evolves into Jigglypuff)
  • Pichu (evolves into Pikachu)
  • Smoochum (evolves into Jynx)



The one baby missing from this list is Tyrogue, which evolves into Gen 1’s Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, and also Gen 2's Hitmontop.



So how to catch these Pokemon? Follow these tips we post below.


Head to a PokeStop. There, you'll pick up the occasional egg, along with Pokeballs and potions.


You'll start off the game with just one incubator. Fortunately, you can get infinite uses out of that one. However, to better the chances that you'll hatch a new baby Pokemon, you'll have to pick up a few more so you can have a several eggs incubating at the same time. Head to Pokemon Go's shop and buy one, or two, or many if that's your thing.


According to players' report, the seven new baby Pokemon don't hatch at the same rate:

  • Igglybuff and Cleffa hatch from 2km eggs
  • Pichu and Togepi hatch from 5km eggs
  • Magb, Elekid and Smoochum hatch from 10km eggs


Now you need to hatch eggs, go to your "Pokemon" tab. Then, you'll see the "Eggs" tab on the top right. Select the egg you want to start incubating and walk (don't drive) the designated number of kilometers.


Players have not seen Tyrogue, another 2nd generation baby Pokemon. Some claim that it's not in the Pokedex (when you check Pikachu's Pokedex entry, for example, a space appears for Pichu. That's not the case for Hitmonchan and Tyrogue). Notably, what might come out of an egg is not guaranteed to be a new Pokemon. You can still get a trash Caterpie.


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