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Pokemon GO Raid Battles Now Available For Level 5 Trainers

Pokemon GO reduced the required level of Raid Battles enough that now everyone can take part in it.



Through official social media and pokemongolive.com, the developer of Pokemon GO has provided the following news:


Pokemon GO trainers who was at least level 5 can take part in Raid Battles now all over the world. You can not only gather your friends and family to locate nearby Raids with Nearby screen, but also take the strong Raid Bosses down in your area!


There are some things you need to do before the Raid Boss being revealed in Gym after the countdown timer reaches zero. A Raid Pass is neccessary and you can get one for free by visiting the Gym. You can even gather 20 trainers together to defeat the Raid Boss.



What will you get when you beat a Raid Boss? If you manage to beat boss in the limit of three minutes, you will have the chance to catch this Pokemon! Besides, you will receive selected prizes that including Rare Candies, Golden Razz Berries and two types of Technical Machines - Fast TMs and Charged TMs.


It looks like the Raid Battles have reached their final threshold and trainers around the world have already been able to take part in combat at level 5. Well, it's always a better chance to help you to beat the stronger Raid Boss.