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NBA 2K23 Defense & Rebounding Badges List

You may have visited some of our guides, such as where is the cheapest place to buy MT 2K23, how to dunk, how to get 99 OVR, etc. Next, we will bring you the list of defense & rebounding badges.

Defense is the backbone of any team, so it is crucial to equip the best Defense and Rebounding badges for your MyPlayer in NBA 2K23, which will boost the defensive ability of your team. Here's a breakdown of all the Defense/Rebounding Badges to use in the NBA 2K23 MyCareer, and which are the best.

Defense and Rebounding badges in NBA 2K23

Badge Description
Anchor Improves blocking and contesting shots in the painted area.
Ankle Braces Makes it more difficult to get crossed over.
Ball Stripper Increases players' change of stealing the ball during layups or near-basket dunks.
Box Increases players' ability to box out opponents during rebounds.
Boxout Beast Increases the likelihood of rebounders winning boxout battles during offensive and defensive rebounds.
Brick Wall Makes screens more effective and allows players to drain energy from opposing playing upon contact.
Challenger Perimeter shot contests become more effective.
Chase Down Artist Buff a player's leaping ability and speed when chasing an offensive player in anticipation of a block attempt.
Clamps Increases a player's ability to stay in front of the ball handler on the perimeter.
Clutch Defender Increases a player's defensive rating during clutch situations.
Glove Allows players to strip the ball from their opponents as they get ready for a shot.
Hustler Increases a player's ability to beat their opponents to loose balls.
Interceptor Increases a player's chances of stealing the ball in passing lanes.
Intimidator Decreases an offensive player's chances of shooting if they're being contested by a player with the Intimidator badge.
Menace This badge will reduce an opponent's attributes when the good defense is being played by their contestants.
Off-Ball Pest Increases a player's ability to harass and bump the offense off the ball.
Pick Dodger Increases a player's ability to navigate through screens on defense, making it easier to move through clusters.
Pick Pocket Increases a player's ability to steal the ball from whoever has the ball.
Pogo Stick Recover quickly after a jump and go for another after landing.
Post Lockdown Increases the defender's ability to defend backdowns and post moves.
Rebound Chaser Players with this badge will be able to track down rebounds from longer than normal distances.
Rim Protector Unlocks new block animations and reduces a player's chances of getting dunked on.
Tireless Defender Lose less energy while exerting effort on defense.
Work Horse Increases a player's ability to hustle down 50/50 balls. It also allows players to play hard-nosed defense without getting tired.
Worm Increases a rebounder's ability to find the best rebound position.

Best Defensive and Rebound badges in NBA 2K23

Below, you will find the best defense & rebounding badges for your MyCareer player, regardless of position:

#1 Gloves

With this badge, you will be able to steal the ball more frequently and successfully from the ball handlers.

#2 Clamps

With this badge, you can cut off moves and are more successful in bumping or hip-riding the ball handler.

#3 Interceptor

With this badge, you will intercept the passing ball more frequently.

#4 Pick Pocket

With this badge, you will be able to increase the chances of stealing the ball off from the ball handlers, alongside reducing the chances of a foul when trying to steal the ball.

#5 Defensive Leader

With this badge equipped, you will increase the overall defensive abilities of your teammates present on the court.

#6 Rebound Chaser

With this badge, you can track your opponent's rebounds from a distance rather than getting closer.

#7 Brick Wall

This badge allows you to stand firm and makes it harder for the offensive players to throw you off guard.

#8 Ankle Braces

With this badge, you will lower the chances of getting your ankles broken from the opponent's dribble moves, such as dribble pull-ups.

#9 Interceptor

With this badge, you will intercept the passing ball more frequently.

#10 Chase Down Artist

This badge increases your overall speed and leaping capabilities when you are in chase of an offensive player.

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